2nd February 2016

Consumer Research

Quantitative Research

Eolas International has strong capability and expertise in delivering consumer insights on attitudes, usage, needs and product experience.

Using our access to nationally representative online panels around the globe, Eolas offer quantitative survey based approaches to robustly measure key elements of consumers’ behaviour and attitudes.

Qualitative Insights

Qualitative understanding of consumers can provide rich insights into their attitudes and experience of products and bring quantitative research to life in the consumer voice.

Eolas have the capability to conduct traditional in-depth interviews and focus groups around the globe, as well as agile approaches such as mobile based in home.

Product Testing

Eolas can talk to your consumers to predict consumer acceptance of new products or to continuously monitor consumer satisfaction of your current products. Whether you are launching a new product, reformulating your current portfolio, or want to assess how your product compares to your competitive set, Eolas can help you understand the full experience that users have with your product.

With access to millions of consumers worldwide, Eolas can deliver a fast and actionable understanding of your products’ strengths and weaknesses. We have the unique capability to integrate the results from our trained sensory panellists with outcomes from consumer research, which gives you valuable insights into your products and an explanation behind the consumer preference data.