2nd February 2016

Laboratory Research

Our Laboratory

At our new purpose built laboratories in our head office in Cork, we conduct numerous physio-chemical and analytical tests on clients' products. We retrieve these from the local or global market directly, or received straight from clients' manufacturing facilities. Our laboratory research can be combined with our sensory research to provide a detailed profile of a product.

Client Experience

Production Quality: Batch Approval

An international beverages manufacturer engages Eolas International to measure the quality of each batch of powdered kits produced for international co-packers.

On a daily basis, up to 40 different production batch samples are sent to our laboratories for reconstitution and batch approval testing. These tests includes pH, visual haze, turbidity, colour, and flavour/taste to ensure all production batches are within specification.

We test these from 7am until 3pm, and results are made available immediately following testing through a web-based shared portal. This means the client can make immediate decisions on pass/fail of production batches prior to shipping to international co-packers.

The client has found that outsourcing its laboratory research and testing has resulted in an extremely efficient process, which has seen major cost and time savings in the overall batch approval process.