Analytical Services

Analytical Services at Eolas are provided by our LabSens division. LabSens carry out a range of physico-chemical tests on raw materials and finished products including but not limited to colour, turbidity, pH, conductivity, salinity, viscosity & moisture. Warehouse facilities available on site ensure we can store retain samples for up to 3 years.

Specific food, beverage or personal care products can be prepared by LabSens team, analyzed in our laboratory and even assessed by our sensory panel within the same day for the same batch of material

Quality control and positive release

Introduction of new raw materials to existing products

Identifying issues with existing raw materials or finished products

Our analytical services were established
13 years ago in our state of the art laboratory facility in Cork.

Capability – We can carry out a range of Physico-chemical tests on raw materials and finished products including but not limited to color, turbidity, pH, conductivity, salinity, viscosity & moisture.

Quick, advanced reporting – Test results are available immediately post laboratory test completion through our in-house LabSens portal which is developed with our clients to present results in a format that works for you. The portal stores your historical data allowing you to track performance over longer time periods if required. Additional features are the inclusion of photographs linked with laboratory results and the ability to export data to Excel.

Sample Storage – Warehouse facilities available on-site ensure we can store retain samples for up to 3 years. 

Our analytical services coupled with our product retrieval services offer our clients
the ability to outsource routine testing regardless of proximity to our facility.

Data Collection & Reporting

Our QUALX PLATFORM enables us to efficiently collect & process data from our sensory panellists, our auditor network, or global consumers in the marketplace, providing fast and secure data analysis with real-time insights & customizable dashboards.

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