Consumer View

Using the Eolas QualX Platform™, we connect with real consumers all over the world to understand their journey with your products. Uncover actionable insights on the consumer quality experience with your products (or your competitors) in-store, online and during product usage.

Engage with real consumers around the world to understand how they
experience the quality of your products; in-store, online, in-use.


  • Consumers assess on shelf (or e-commerce) quality experience
  • Evaluate consumer perception of the in-store environment (real or virtual) & the shelf layout where the product is sold
  • Understand the impact that the environment may have on the impressions of your product
  • Understand consumer's perception of e-commerce journey to the home, including delivery, unpacking & sustainability concerns.


  • Consumers assess their on-pack quality experience.
  • Evaluate your pack security & integrity
  • Identify the presence of any physical and aesthetical packaging defects
  • Gauge the level of consumer awareness and the impact on an immediate purchase

  • Consumers assess their package & product quality experience
    Understand the level of consumer acceptability with:
  • - Function (ease of opening, resealability, ease of pour)
    - Condition (breakage, accuracy, fill, size, shape)
    - Sensory (aroma, appearance, taste, texture)
  • Gauge the level of impact of each metric on future purchase intent
  • Identify what delights or frustrates your consumer
  • Learn how one of our Food & Beverage clients has evolved their traditional trade quality program by integrating the consumer experience, using our consumer view service.

    Unlock actionable consumer insights from real & natural experiences which can connect your Quality, Technical, R&D, Brand and Sales team.

    Unlock actionable consumer insights from real & natural experiences which can connect your Quality, Technical, R&D, Brand and Sales team.

    What value can our Consumer View Solution create for your team?

    •  A truly global solution providing agile “in the moment’ data capture that delivers a consumer-centric approach to understanding the quality of product experience.

    • Explore the drivers of positive and negative experience, through the eyes of the consumer from point of purchase through to in-moment consumption and usage. Understand the relationship between each driver and its impact on purchase intent.

    • Bring clarity to the lifecycle of your product within the marketplace and identify any possible relationship with defects.

    • Measure consumer awareness of the existence of product and packaging issues and evaluate their impact on the quality of experience.

    • Obtain a Quality of Product Experience score so as to benchmark and track performance.

    Data Collection & Reporting

    Our The Eolas QualX Platform™ is a flexible tool which enables us to efficiently collect, analyse and report on data gathered from our auditor network, global consumers and even your employees, enabling you to understand & improve the consumer’s product quality experience at all touchpoints in their journey.

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