In-Home Usage Testing

When it comes to in-home product testing, we offer a fully comprehensive service. We can retrieve your products (or your competitors products) from more than 120 countries around the world and deliver them directly to consumers for further testing.

Deliver the quality your consumers expect, everytime, with our In Home Testing Solutions.

Access a targeted, geographical spread of consumers in their most natural settings. We can conduct in-home testing in almost any market.

Tailored program design – conduct ad hoc projects or engage with respondents over a period of time to explore product usage & consumption as it unfolds.

Collect insights exclusive to the home setting (eg. product storage conditions) in real-time. Capture video, audio & images of in-home product usage as it occurs from high quality, genuine respondents.

Multiple applications for In-Home Usage Testing such as measuring product quality, conducting concept or packaging testing or benchmarking against competitor products, or even understanding your consumer’s e-commerce experience.

Using our In-Home testing solutions we are helping our clients to conduct interactive and intuitive product research, in the moments that matter the most. Read how one of our food and beverage clients validated a new product for launch, by replacing hall testing with in-home usage testing.

Our in-home usage testing solutions provide an interactive, intuitive and un-intrusive way of talking to consumers in their natural consumption or usage moment.


We are dedicated to the quality recruitment of real consumers. To ensure that only genuine, eligible consumers participate in our studies we conduct fresh recruitment for each project adhering to strict screening processes & quality checks. In-home testing allows us to pre-recruit a dedicated sample of consumers against your target criteria.


Using the Eolas QualX Platform™, we can quickly and easily publish an unlimited variety of surveys. Our Platform includes many innovative technical features to ensure the highest quality and most trustworthy data is collected from consumers. Responses from consumers are received live and include time & date stamping as well as GPS location to ensure validity.


Our extensive network of auditors can look after retrieving your products (or your competitors) from the marketplace, across both retail & e-commerce channels in more than 120 markets. We can then organise the delivery of products (blind or branded) to consumers around the world.


Consumers are contacted prior to starting research with instructions on how and when testing is to be carried out. We build bespoke questionnaires tailored to your research objectives which are shared with consumers via the Eolas QualX Platform™, where we can capture live footage of consumer experience as it occurs.

Other Consumer Testing Services

With access to a wide variety of global & local venues, Eolas can offer amongst the fastest brief-to-results turnaround times for marketplace testing in the industry. Understanding consumers responses to your products requires targeting relevant consumers in the locations that matter.


Our on-site sensory research laboratory and panel of consumers provides you with insights on the sensory characteristics of your product & also helps you understand how your product compares with those of competitors in the eyes of your consumer.

Data Collection & Reporting

Our The Eolas QualX Platform™ is a flexible tool which enables us to efficiently collect, analyse and report on data gathered from our auditor network, global consumers and even your employees, enabling you to understand & improve the consumer’s product quality experience at all touchpoints in their journey.

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