Consumer View | Eolas International
12th April 2018

Consumer View

Consumer View

Consumer engagement with product quality is at its highest as more products appear on the market and technology allows their opinions
to be heard.
Eolas believes that this engagement provides the opportunity for consumer centric measurement of product quality: measurement of
product experience by the consumer, based on what matters to them at the key moments that influence their purchase decision.

Client Experience

Project Objective

Our client wanted to understand whether the on-pack quality issues consumers were finding on its product were causing them to
reject the product and not purchase.

Project Outcome

We engaged with consumers over a period of time to assess different types of defects found in the market, and our research indicated
that whilst some defects the product experience were widely noticed by consumers, many were accepted as being normal and part of
the product’s route to market. Conversely, one defect type which most prevalent in the market was not widely noticed by consumers,
but amongst those that did see it led to heavy rejection of purchase. The client took action to prioritise the reduction in this defect
type to ensure that consumer satisfaction was at the heart of quality decisions.