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Employee View Service

Tap into a rich and inherent source of product and market intelligence within your organization. There is a  wealth of information at your fingertips when you engage your employees to share their opinions with you on products, user experience, e-Commerce and industry trends and innovations.

Eolas International have developed a fully customisable mobile platform that enables our clients to connect with employees in the moments that matter in relation to your products and industry. This quick and flexible tool enables employees to communicate with you in a matter of minutes, and allows information and ideas to flow freely throughout the business, which can help employees to feel more connected in the workplace.

Data is gathered via short and intuitive questionnaires and reported through an online portal with automatic categorisation of submissions, giving a holistic view of employee feedback. With 20 years of product & market research experience, Eolas International transforms that data into actionable insights which enables our clients to identify market opportunities relevant to their organizations.

Client Benefits

  • Encourages employees to become brand ambassadors
  • Efficient, flexible and agile solution
  • Gathers insights from employees’ inherent product and industry knowledge
  • Can offer insight into engagement
  • Quick implementation with continuous and rapid feedback
  • Easy scalable solution
  • Cost effective alternative to consumer research

Important Services

Gives employees a voice
Reach all employees through their smartphone
Quick & Easy to use platform
Deploy new mission quickly and easily
Fully customisable
One central data hub
Two way communications tool
Monthly/Quarterly reporting of actionable insights