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1st February 2016

Researcher Network

Product Retrieval

Here in Eolas we work with our clients to ensure their products never disappoint their consumers across the globe.
Our Global Product Retrieval service uses our extensive network of researchers in over 120 countries to pick up your (or your competitor's) products from retail stores world-wide and ship them back to our premises in Cork, Ireland, for further testing or to a location of your choice. We are experienced in sourcing products via traditional and emerging channels (E-Commerce) in our market research service.

Please refer to the Sensory and Laboratory testing for more information on the services we provide.

Product Quality Audits

Alternatively to shipping we can perform quality in-store audits on your products as part of our market research services. Our trained researchers can independently assess products for a range of quality attributes against pre-defined standards. Our bespoke mobile data collection app allows for centralised real-time information and reporting.

The Eolas Researcher network visits shops and supermarkets across the globe analyzing products on shelves.

Market Research Product Retrieval Map

Through a combination of macro analysis in countries and micro analysis in stores, including product and shelf pictures, Eolas can provide indepth marketplace analysis.

Information such as shelf space, price, positioning instore, new product details and ingredient analysis can be monitored and presented to clients via our customizable online portal.

Our global product retrieval service uses our extensive network of researchers to pick up your (or your competitor’s) products from retail stores world-wide and ship them back to our premises in Cork, Ireland for further testing or to a location of your choice.

Researchers in over 120 countries

Market Research Product Retrieval Map

Continuous Product Quality Audit

Client Experience

A major FMCG multinational in the food and personal care categories engaged with Eolas International to measure, on an ongoing basis, the quality of its range of consumer products on sale in supermarkets in more than 50 countries worldwide, and also  to benchmark their product quality against that of their main competitors.

Research Solution

We worked closely with the client to develop a range of quality standards which were applicable to their various packaging attributes (e.g. packaging opening device, label adhesion, package scratches/scuffing, product contamination etc). All of our researchers received extensive training in the measurement of these standards.

Based on the quarterly results of the program the client has implemented quality improvement programmes across their manufacturing facilities and distribution channels. In addition, they can maintain a constant watch on competitor product quality and innovations to ensure that they maintain competitive advantage.

Global Product Retrieval

Client Experience

A major multinational soft drinks manufacturer engaged Eolas International to assist in its Global Brand Protection Programme.
This entails sourcing over 3,000 samples of its products from 70 worldwide markets on a monthly basis. Products are purchased by over 80 of our international researchers,  shipped within tight timelines and delivered in a coordinated manner each month.
The products then undergo sensory and laboratory tests performed by Eolas and further testing undertaken by the client. Exception reports are generated on a monthly basis.

Project Outcome

The client uses this monthly market research data to monitor product quality in each country and to drive continuous quality improvement programmes.