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5th April 2018

Qualitative Insights

Qualitative Insights

Qualitative understanding of consumers can provide rich insights into their attitudes and experience of products and bring quantitative
research to life in the consumer voice.
Eolas have the capability to conduct traditional in-depth interviews and focus groups around the globe, as well as agile approaches such
as mobile based in home testing.

Client Experience

Project Objective

Our client wanted to understand the underlying attitudes and behaviours of senior citizens in North America in relation to the use of
calcium supplements and what this means for releasing new products into that space.
We conducted in depth interviews with consumers in both Florida and New Hampshire to identify motivations and barriers towards
vitamins and supplement use, the price sensitivity of consumers, where they get their information, the importance of origin and claims
and their understanding of the benefits associated with supplement use. This research was complimented with in depth interviews
held with health care professionals to gain an understanding of market place trends and what motivated them to prescribe these
products to clients/patients.

Project Outcome

This combined approach allowed us to portray a holistic view of the supplement space to the client and offer recommendations on
market development opportunities. It also allowed us to develop marketing personas for relevant target markets and messaging
associated with those types.