Sensory Research | Eolas International
1st February 2016

Sensory Research

Our Trained Panelists

Our facilities in Cork have state-of-art food preparation and sensory research facilities. Here, our trained panellists provide sensory analysis for clients wishing to launch new products, line extensions, or reformulated products. We can also provide quality assurance on their existing products.

Client Experience

Outsourcing Manufacturing

Product Matching using Consumer & Sensory Research

An Irish Food & Beverage company employed Eolas International to assist during the outsourcing of the manufacturing of its core products to third party manufacturers.

We used a combination of consumer and sensory research to determine whether the third party manufacturers were a suitable match for the client's current product range.

Our trained sensory panellists measured the consistency of the newly manufactured products versus current products. Where necessary, the results of these panels were fed back to the new manufacturers to help them produce a closer match. Once the sensory team agreed that the products were closely matched, we proceeded with the consumer research.

We conducted consumer taste comparisons to see if they could notice any differences between the old and new products. In several instances, the newly manufactured samples were rejected by either the Eolas International sensory panel or by the consumer taste test, and had to go through a number of manufacturing iterations before passing both tests.

Project Outcome

After we aided in achieving a level of consistent quality they were satisfied with, the client successfully outsourced the manufacture of 32 products.