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5th November 2019

Work With Eolas

Who are We?

Eolas International is an independent market and consumer research company who work with many of the world’s biggest brands to ensure product quality.


What's The Role?

Our client is a global multinational company producing goods like yogurts, shampoos, detergents, ice-cream and more. Market research auditors assess products at stores near them, collecting data electronically to send back to Eolas for further analysis. Our market researcher's play an important role in maintaining client's product quality standards.


Why Work With Eolas?

Working with Eolas will give you the opportunity to gain real-world experience in market research for some of the biggest brands around the globe with a flexible schedule, making it the ideal part time job for anyone.


What Are We Looking For?

The candidate must have good written and spoken English as well as local dialect. Effective communication skills, excellent attention to detail, access to broadband and a PC/Laptop are also essential for being successful in this job. No experience is needed, but Eolas require a hardworking and trustworthy person who is willing to be fully trained in our auditing process.


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