Our Global Community

Our global community is at the heart of everything we do at Eolas, our trained auditors and consumer panellists assess tens of thousands of products around the world each year…



We believe there is no one better to test product quality experience than real consumers. Using The Eolas Qualx Platform™ we engage with real consumers all over the world in the moments that matter the most.

Consumer Research Opportunities

Trained Auditors

Our trained auditors can be mobilized instantly to retrieve products or to independently assess products for quality, using predefined standards in-store, online, or in the home. We have trained auditors in over 120 countries.

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Central Team

Our growing team is the driving force behind the exceptional services that our clients’ have come to know and expect. Our bespoke programs are built upon years of experience and innovation, found in a talented team of more than 50 people working across our business.

Join Us! When you join our growing community you will be rewarded for assessing brands you already know and love.

We are always looking for new consumers to take part in our studies, see if there are any research missions available in your area..

When you download our Flexicollect App, you will be invited to take part in research missions evaluating brands you already know and love. All of our research missions are paid either by cash or voucher, we don’t operate a points system, which means you don’t have to wait to receive rewards. 

Signing up is easy, you just need to download our Flexicollect app and create an account, we’ll email you when a research mission is available in your area. 

What Our Consumers Say

"The surveys are so easy to do, they take a little bit of time and have lots of questions, however they are very thoroughly worded so you know exactly what you’re doing. I was seriously shocked they actually paid out as well and so quickly! I’ve used plenty of sites that claim to do so and never do so kudos to Eolas International, I cant wait to get another survey!!!"

What Our Consumers Say

"Easy enough task, yet specific questions for research. Enjoyed the surveys, easy to use app, everything uploaded with what is needed, from video to written instruction, alot of detail but that makes a good survey. The person I was in contact with, Shanice, couldn't have been more helpful. Straight into PayPal. look forward to another UK one".

What Our Consumers Say

"Very easy and organized company to work with. The process is straightforward and the rewards are great! I would highly recommend Eolas and have had nothing but good experiences". Designation

    Become a Quality Auditor

    Our product quality auditors work approx. 4 cycles per year on a flexi-time schedule. They conduct audits in stores in their local area or online using the Eolas App. Some of our auditors are also involved in retrieving products that they ship to Eolas or client facilities. 

    If you are organized and have excellent attention to detail, this is a great opportunity for you to make some extra income while gaining valuable experience in market research and quality audits.

    We hire auditors all over the world and provide full training. To apply, follow the link below, a member of our team will contact you if a role becomes available in your area.

    Join our growing team

    We are currently hiring for the following positions.



    Can’t see what your looking for? You can email your CV to martina@eolasinternational.com