Proficiency Services

Proficiency services at Eolas are provided by our LabSens division, which manages a range of proficiency (ring test) schemes for our global food & beverage clients. Our team prepares relevant test materials that are unidentifiable by the laboratories within the client company, manages the logistics globally, and provides the LabSens portal which is customized to each client’s needs for results entry and reporting.​​

Proficiency testing is a regular, independent assessment of the
performance of laboratory test methods, equipment, and analysts through testing of unknown test materials from an outside source. 


We work closely with our global FMCG clients to arrange relevant test materials that are unidentifiable by the laboratories within the client company. We prepare the samples and standards as per client instructions, manage the logistics globally, provide the LabSens portal, and training on the use of the portal.​​


The materials are tested by each participating laboratory and results inputted into the LabSens portal where the results are analysed and reported by LabSens team as requested by the client. There is no restriction on the number of samples, locations in the globe, or frequency of testing. ​


Through detailed reporting provided by LabSens, relevant laboratory personnel are informed of the performance of their laboratory relative to other laboratories within their organization, and Managers of the scheme can review overall performance across an array of headlines as requested.

We manage kit preparation, packing, shipping, and the LabSens portal for results entry and reports output.

  • Our Proficiency programmes are customised to suit the needs of individual clients including the frequency and date of rounds per scheme. 

  • We work closely with our clients in the delivery of all aspects of the scheme from kit contents,  results entry, results analysis, reporting & communication through the LabSens portal.​

  • Through our strong focus on innovation and flexibility, we focus on improvements across all schemes from year to year.

We currently offer analytical and sensory proficiency schemes to our clients but also have a network of external suppliers of materials for additional schemes based on our client needs.  We continue to manage all aspects of these combined schemes ensuring our clients can view results of all schemes across the same platform, the LabSens Portal

Data Collection & Reporting

Our The Eolas QualX Platform™ is a flexible tool which enables us to efficiently collect, analyse and report on data gathered from our auditor network, global consumers and even your employees, enabling you to understand & improve the consumer’s product quality experience at all touchpoints in their journey.

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