Sensory Evaluation

Sensory testing at Eolas is provided by our LabSens division which offers sensory, analytical and proficiency services to food, beverage and personal care clients. Sensory Analysis enables our clients to understand the key sensory properties that drive consumer liking & acceptability of food & beverage products.

Download a document that explains how sensory research can be the key to successfull product development: DOWNLOAD

With over 20 year's experience in sensory analysis, we provide extensive panel training to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We currently have 25+ trained sensory panellists with the capability of hosting 15 panellists in one session in our state of the art sensory facility in Cork, Ireland.

We offer a range of customisable solutions, conducted using our sensory panellists at our site in Cork or using real consumers who can be recruited from anywhere in the world.

If you need to obtain information on how your product is perceived and liked by consumers, we can recruit any number of consumers to perform sensory analysis.

We offer the following sensory methodologies while also developing customised sensory methodologies to suit our client’s needs:


(i.e. defining sensory attributesand their intensity rating)


(i.e. are products different?)


(i.e. degree of liking,what sample is preferred?)


(i.e. how sensory attributes evolve over time during consumption)

We have the capability to retrieve your products from around the globe and perform sensory evaluation using our experienced panel. Through our global network of store auditors, we dispatch over 50,000 products from more than 120 locations annually. Products can be shipped to our facilities or a location of your choice for further analysis, to help you understand product quality and how it impacts the consumer quality experience

Our bespoke solutions are designed to work together
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Data Collection & Reporting

Our The Eolas QualX Platform™ is a flexible tool which enables us to efficiently collect, analyse and report on data gathered from our auditor network, global consumers and even your employees, enabling you to understand & improve the consumer’s product quality experience at all touchpoints in their journey.

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