Trade Sampling

Trade Sampling allows you to understand how your product appears in the marketplace, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it can do. At Eolas we have the capability to retrieve your products from more than 120 countries around the world, allowing you to hold, understand, and analyze your products as well as your competitors’ products.

Using our vast, experienced auditor network we can conduct regular
sampling to a specific brief or we can sweep a market to
understand new, existing, or competitor products.

Our global network has the capability and experience to source products that reflect the actual market situation in a real way – physical products can be analyzed, assessed, and reported by Eolas Laboratory/Client Laboratory/Third Party Laboratories or we can ship your products to consumers for further testing.

We can retrieve products and document the experience across both channels – retail and e-commerce.Our global network is discreet, unbiased, and impartial and will retrieve products as a regular consumer neither avoiding nor focusing on specific products or issues.

Developing markets can be fully understood in a cost-effective way by gathering store information – POS material, shelf positioning, trade age etc in addition to the actual products. This information can be used to understand new markets and fully prepare your product/brand for introduction into a new market.

New products and reformulated products can be targeted by production date or SKU to measure their performance against the preceding products and identify any product issues early in the life cycle.

Through our global network of store auditors, we dispatch over 50,000 products from more than 120 locations annually. Learn how our global clients leverage our trade sampling capabilities to assist with NPD and Quality Assessments

Our trusted and experienced auditors have in-depth knowledge of both product
sourcing and shipping allowing fragile/chilled products to be sourced without issue.

Whether its fruit juice from Fiji or biscuits from Brazil we can help you
hold and feel products from these markets.


Fully understanding client requirements is critical to the success of a Trade Sampling program. An appreciation of how data will be used helps us to advise on the optimal scope for the project (which products to target, what volumes to purchase etc.) We recommend 2-3 initial store visits before agreeing the scope, this is to ensure the scope is accurate & realistic. Experience has taught us that market perception does not always reflect consumer experience hence an initial set of store visits is invaluable.


Our vast network of auditors is active and in the market monthly – this allows us to begin projects quite soon after agreeing the scope.   We fully explain the project scope, the channels to be targeted and the methodology to follow.   Our auditors act independently and are not always aware of the client or the intended use of any data – this removes bias and prejudice.


Eolas take pride in providing products and data that are robust and accurate. Accordingly we monitor our auditors closely while they complete the project. Using the Eolas QualX Platform™ app technology we can pinpoint the date, time and location a sample was purchased. We can also validate receipts and store photos for authenticity and accuracy ensuring the data we provide is trustworthy.


Our shipping experience is comprehensive. We appreciate the value of only using recognised, dependable express couriers for shipping which keeps transit times short and ensures product data is actionable and reflective of the market. Our auditors have a simple ethos when shipping samples – will the product arrive to Eolas/client in the condition in which it was purchased? This minimises any potential shipping related damage.

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Data Collection & Reporting

Our The Eolas QualX Platform™ is a flexible tool which enables us to efficiently collect, analyse and report on data gathered from our auditor network, global consumers and even your employees, enabling you to understand & improve the consumer’s product quality experience at all touchpoints in their journey.

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